52 Week Photographic Challenge - Week 33 - Food Photography

August 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Camembert and Figs This week your challenge is to photograph food in a delicious and creative way.  Food is something we cook or prepare, consume, and sometimes play with everyday. 

When we eat food, all of our senses are at work – we see, we use our nose to smell, we touch and of course, taste the food – but when we look at a picture of food, we only use our eyes.  This is where styling and props come into play. 

Styling food provides a way to capture the aromas, textures and flavours and convey that to the viewers.  But, keep it simple.  Sometimes just adding a single fork or napkin, or a sprig of herbs is all it takes to make the image pop.

If you want some ideas, look in cookbooks and of course there are plenty of good food images online.

As always, remember the background, keep it clean and simple and hopefully complimentary.  Keep it real – a few crumbs or fallen berries on a plate give a more natural look.

Use your imagination and above all, have fun and lets make our mouths water.


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