52 Week Photographic Challenge 2018 - Week 10 - Travel

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Week 10 - TravelWeek 10 - Travel

The theme for this week’s photographic challenge is ‘Travel’.

You may think you can’t participate because you’re not going on holidays this week, or booked on some amazing adventure tour, or escaping to an exotic location.   Change that can’t to can.

Travel photography is about capturing the character, unique look and ambience of a place and communicating those qualities of how we felt when we saw, heard, tasted or smelled those things.

If your lucky enough to be on holidays or travelling for work this week, that’s great, but if you're not, show us interesting qualities about the place where you live as if you were photographing for a travel brochure to attract visitors to your area.

It may be the beach, the mountains, interesting architecture, quaint shops, busy cafes, people or the food, particularly street food.  Or, maybe a new road you travelled down or an unusual signpost. 

People are a great addition in your pictures to give life and scale.  A beautiful façade of a building can be enhanced when you show people walking by in front of it.  They give the viewer an idea of the size of the structure, what sort of people live or work around there, and what they wear etc. 

Don’t forget transport.  Transport moves people from one destination to another so you could include bicycles, trains, trams, airplanes, even horse and carriage.

Now it’s time for you to think about these ideas and come up with your own concept of ‘Travel’. Go and think creatively, don’t rush and consider composition, lighting, and backgrounds and show us your travel shots. 

Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun this week.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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