Janette Anderson Photography | About

Janette is a Knox based photographer specialising in Event Photography.  She was born and raised in suburban Victoria to Welsh and English parents.  Her early to mid adult years were spent in outback Central Queensland. 

With a hunger for creative expression, coupled with her inquisitive nature, Janette embarked on a journey to find an outlet.  She studied Professional Freelance Journalism, which led, not only to many of her articles being published, but also her passion for capturing life through the lens. 

Since then, photography has been a dominant force in Janette's life.  She has continued growing as a photographer completing a Diploma in Professional Photography and taking part in various workshops.

While photographing product for various companies, Creative, Event and Travel Photography captivate and motivate her.  Janette openly embraces different walks of life, cultures and cuisines.  Her journeys have allowed her the privilege of capturing life’s experiences in some of the most incredible places.

Janette has regularly been contracted to photograph the Annual Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington.

Her work has been exhibited locally and nationally.

Janette continues to push her boundaries exploring new avenues producing creative and interesting work.  She strives to create something fresh and special, believing photography is an evolving craft, that should affect the viewers in some way.