Janette Anderson Photography | 52 Week Photographic Challenge - Week 44 - Doors

52 Week Photographic Challenge - Week 44 - Doors

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Old green doorOld green door This week your challenge is to photograph a door, and by that I mean for you to make it look interesting.

Doors are the portal to what lies behind them, and are begging to be opened.  Doors summon you to see what is beyond.  It is the door that gets you to where you are going.

I am sure you will not have trouble finding an interesting door, be it new or old.  Doors can be small or huge, even intimidating.  They can be brightly colour to stand out or they can be subtly plain.

Doors can be engraved, louvered or plain and made from a plethora of materials.  The door’s surroundings can be captivating, elaborate or simple.  Huge threatening bolts and braces can decorate a door so can quaint knockers and knobs.

Doors can be there to pass through or be there just to allow light or ventilation.  They can have squared corners or be arched.  Some are also the artist’s canvas.

Something to keep in mind when photographing your door is to get the perspective right and keep your lines or angles straight, unless of course that it is leaning.

Remember your first impression when you find your interesting door.  What was it that caught your attention and start with that?  Was it the texture on the door or maybe the door knob or latch.  Perhaps it was the wall surrounding the door.  Photograph the details.


Now go and find your interesting door to photograph.  And remember to enjoy yourself and have fun this week.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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