Janette Anderson Photography | 52 Week Photographic Challenge 2018 - Week 3 - Summer

52 Week Photographic Challenge 2018 - Week 3 - Summer

January 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Flemington Spring Racing CarnivalFlemington Spring Racing Carnival

Your challenge this week is Summer. 

Often summer is seen as the most difficult season to photograph.  The sun is overhead for most of the day giving poor quality light, it is harsh, causes high contrast and black shadows, and of course, hazy weather owing to heat and pollution.

All is not lost.  Here are some ideas to help you make the most of these long summer days and get those creative juices flowing.

Thinking of juices, why not photograph your favourite ice filled, cool, summer drink.  Set your alarm clock and catch a glorious sunrise.  If the location contains water you can get beautiful mirror reflections of the colours in the sky.  If I can’t tempt you with a sunrise, go to one of your favourite locations and wait for the sun to go down and get the sun setting.  Arrive at least half an hour earlier before sunset to make to most of the twilight glow in the sky.

Make use of the harsh lighting conditions by photographing architecture - buildings, bridges and other structures.  Experiment with different viewpoints to create a dramatic composition. Simple abstract details will pop against a clear blue sky.  Maybe pull out the polarizer to make it a deeper blue.  Look for eye catching colour contrasts against a blue sky.

Make use of the shade of a building or tree.  It will help soften the light, particularly for portraits and avoid those terrible shadows under the nose and eye sockets.

Photograph those gorgeous summer flowers or make use of the sun behind your subject and make some striking silhouettes.  If it’s too hot to be outside, photograph interior shots instead.  You may find interesting strong geometrical shadow patterns also as strong light means strong shadows.

Now go and use your imagination and show us your ‘Summer’ shots.  Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun this week.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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