Janette Anderson Photography | 52 Week Photographic Challenge 2018 - Week 4 - A Sound you heard

52 Week Photographic Challenge 2018 - Week 4 - A Sound you heard

January 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Week 4 - A Sound I HeardWeek 4 - A Sound I Heard Your challenge this week is to photograph a sound you heard. 

In daily life we are inundated with words.  We read novels, magazines, newspapers, Google etc. and all these words describe actions, surroundings, settings, sounds, even characters.  For this challenge you are going to make us hear the sound through our eyes.

Here are a few inspirational suggestions for describing sounds you hear.  You may chose to pick one or come up with your own to create your sound picture.

We’ll start with an easy one:

A dog barked

Music pulsed inside the building

The white noise whoosh of traffic

The wind made the chimes hanging in the tree sing

Full throated growl of a truck or motorcycle

Crashing waves

Honking horns

Slap of rope against the ground as someone skips

Tramping feet as people march

A piercing silence

The phone rang

The clink of cutlery on china

Ice clinking in a glass

A cough or sneeze

A joyous laugh

The alarm clock

The spray from a water hose

The sticking of a match

Boots on a gravel footpath

The swish of a satin skirt

Now go and use your imagination, consider composition and lighting, and show us your creative sound pictures.  Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun this week.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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